How Did the Chair Appear? 

The chairs emerged as a result of our creativity and customer demands. As Avrupa Concept, we specialize in the production of furniture, tables and chairs. Our design team created unique chair models, taking into account factors such as aesthetic appearance, durability and comfort.

How Does the Design Process Work?

The design process focuses on customer needs. In the first step, we conduct a detailed interview to understand our customers' expectations. Our design team then creates a variety of design options that meet these needs. We improve the design by taking into account our customers' feedback.

What Materials Do We Use?

As Avrupa Concept Chair, we use high quality materials. We increase the durability and aesthetic value of our chairs by using different materials such as wood, metal, fabric and leather. We offer a variety of coating and flooring options according to customer preferences.

What are our chair models?

There are a wide variety of chair models in our product range. We offer chair options in modern, classic, industrial and many other styles. We also offer customizable chair options to meet specific design requests.

How Does Our Quality Control Process Work?

Quality is a priority for us. Each of our products is meticulously checked at every stage of the production process. The durability, safety and aesthetics of our products are regularly inspected by our quality control teams.

How is Order and Delivery Done?

Our customers can order via our website or using our contact information. After receiving the order, the production of the products begins and they are delivered to our customers within the specified delivery time. Please contact us for more information about delivery.