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Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions, Scope of Application


1.1 the following Online Store Terms and Conditions ("A&C"), Online Store at ("Online Store") use and also purchase contracts made in the Online Store, and are all related services provided by us. Based in Turkey For customers, Europe Concept Customer Service Center Kağıthane / İstanbul 0535 310 13 49 is our information.

1.2 As used in these Terms and Conditions, the term "Customer" shall mean Online Users in the Store and digital and print products in the Online Store refers to its recipients. 

1.3 No business for those who opt out of these Terms and Conditions by the Customer The client must not be liable to any of the terms of his or her business.  An endorsement is expressly denied.  European Concept, in writing clearly Unless confirmed, the Client's business terms are integral to any contract. will not be part of it.

2. Use of the Online Shop

2.1 Customers who wish to place an order in the Online Shop must visit the Online Shop To use it, they must first register or log in as a guest. 
2.2 The personal data requested during registration are correct In particular, Customer may not enter any third-party data, and In the event of any changes, you will be able to use your personal data in the Online Shop is obliged to update it immediately.
2.3 By submitting the completed registration form, the Customer submits to the Online Shop an offer to sign an agreement on access and use  Then, a confirmation containing personal access data to the Customer This confirmation email will be sent to Europe Concept's.  It shows that the customer has accepted the offer. In this way, you can use the online site An agreement regarding its use will be established. 
2.4 European Concept may access the Online Store without stating any reason has the right to refuse individual registrations made. 

3. Access Data

3.1 Access data (email address and password or username and password) for Customer's personal use only. Customer access transfer or otherwise disclose their data to third parties Customer about the misuse of any access data.  if he has knowledge of or suspects such abuse, he may do so. must notify Europe Concept immediately . Customer, third party all for which the misuse of the use is responsible for the access data This allows you to pay for orders placed without permission.  may have to other than the Client's third parties.  its obligation in relation to the processing shall be that the access data of the European Concept provides information about its unauthorized use or loss, or When he changes his password when necessary, it expires. 
3.2 In case of a breach of these terms of use, in particular

·          Incorrect while recording data has been provided, and/or

·          Access data (in particular, password), if it is disclosed without authorization to do so,

European Concept, Temporarily or permanently blocking the Customer's access data, and/or Immediate or definitive access to the customer or Europe From a notice period notified at Concept's sole discretion then have the right to finally and completely deny the Client's access Will. In such a case, the Customer shall be liable to pre-empt the European Concept.  re-registration as a user of the Online Store without obtaining your consent Can't.

4. Purchase and Subscription of Printed Products and Digital Content

4.1 The customer shall not be entitled to individual issues of certain products and/or magazines has the option to order as printed products and/or products  and also by clicking on the corresponding purchase, you can unsubscribe to printed products or access a European Concept's Collection.
4.2 By clicking on the "Buy now" button, the Customer enters into the relevant contract Europe Concept offers this offer by email.  By sending the order confirmation, you accept it on the date the contract is made. Europe Concept is under an obligation to accept the Client's offer  Europe Concept confirms receipt of an order, does not constitute a binding confirmation of the actual order.   
4.3 The Client is not entitled to withdrawal in the following cases:

·          Purchase single copies of printed products through

·          Sealed sound or sealed video recordings or sealed computer closed after delivery purchase of software.


Instruction Regarding Waiver

Right of Withdrawal

Any reason You have the right to withdraw from this contract within 14 days without notice.

Money back period, within 3 days of the day of purchase, after notification or possession of the physical possession of the property after a third party identified by you being and purchasing will end.

The right to get the money back To use it, you must let us know on 0535 310 13 49

Effects of the Right of Withdrawal

From this agreement If you withdraw, all product costs incurred by you place orders excluding delivery costs if the manufacturing process is under construction will be borne by the Buyer (other than the lowest standard type of delivery offered).  except for any additional costs incurred by you for choosing a delivery type)  About your decision to withdraw from this contract no later than 3 working days after the day on which we are notified. On the contrary, it is clearly decided If not, using the same payment method you used for the initial payment,  We will issue refunds.

Returns goods or without undue delay and in any event, from this contract to us You must deliver it to us no later than 3 days from the moment you are withdrawn. 3 If you return the goods after the expiry of the daily period, you will be entitled to a withdrawal Not.

The nature of the goods, carriage other than that necessary to determine its characteristics and functioning You are responsible for the diminished value of the goods resulting from the transaction.

5. Delivery Conditions for Printed Products

5.1  Products sold by Avrupa Concept  , magazines and other printed products Shipped to the customer. Customer normal pays the shipping costs. During the ordering process, the customer's attention is to this fact.  and will be clearly reflected in the actual shipping charges payable. 
5.2  Europe Concept is entitled to deliver parts.

6. Presentation of Digital Content


6.1 The Products are delivered in the same Format. For the purpose of delivery, The Customer shall not be liable to conclude the contract triggering the download of the respective file in Electronic Format After signing you can download it from the website. 
6.2  European Concept , any copyright infringement In case or for other important reasons, furniture and chairs We reserve the right to stop the distribution of collections or parts thereof Therefore, the purchased product is allowed to participate in the first 12 months of the conclusion of the contract.  if the above Clauses are not accessible via the link and the Customer shall, A complete and technically satisfactory file of the e-Catalogue has not yet been submitted products offered in one of the Electronic Formats, if not downloaded, the full  amount paid for the relevant products Europe It will be returned to the Customer by the Concept  .

7. Prices, Payment Terms

7.1 The prices of individual goods shall be included in the respective presentation of each item. is indicated.  
7.2 All prices given in the Online Shop are subject to VAT in effect on the current date tax.
7.3 Unless otherwise agreed, for individual ordering or for a one-time purchase of products or  in Europe Including subscriptions to the Concept  Collections (printed or digital) a payment must be made.   
7.4  European Concept , various payment methods The purchase price for printed products is credit card or bank.  can be paid by wire transfer. Purchase price for digital goods, Wire Transfer or can be paid by credit card.  
7.5 The Customer shall be liable to the Customer's electronic remuneration for the goods and services ordered. will be billed and invoices will be sent to the email address designated by The customer will also receive the sending of hard copy invoices.  If the European Concept  wishes, there is a separate fee for this.   Can.

8. Warranty and Liability

8.1 Damage caused by the Customer is caused by loss of data in the case of Europe in the event that such damage is prevented   The Concept cannot be held responsible, the Customer will receive all relevant data regularly and at intervals that duly reflect the value of the data made backups.

9. Termination of the Account in the Online Shop

9.1 At any time the Customer requests the contract of use for the Online Purchase may terminate. 
9.2 After the expiry of the usage agreement, the Customer is now Online It does not have access to the store and, if available , the European Concept, and therefore the order cannot access the products .  
9.3 Failure of either party to give extraordinary notice for serious reasons reserves the right.
9.4 Such notice of termination must be communicated in text form. Please send your notice of termination by email to [email protected] address. or send it to the following address:  Kağıthane / Istanbul  or 0535 310 13 49

10. Contract Document

10.1 European Concept, separate agreement based on these Terms and Conditions  The European Concept therefore has to: the "contract document" which is particularly relevant to the Customer will not save. 

11. Data Protection

11.1 Avrupa Concept shall not be entitled to the protection of the Customer's personal data and All relevant information is given by time to time.  The amended Online Shop Privacy Policy is included.


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