What is the name of the Bar Chair? 

The name of our bar chair is known as "European Concept Chair" bar chair.


How many cm should the island kitchen chair be?

Our island kitchen chairs are generally of a standard height, approximately 90-95 cm high. However, we can produce different sizes according to special demands.


How Many kg Does a Camping Chair Carry?

Our camping chairs generally have a carrying capacity of between 100 kg and 150 kg. It can be used safely thanks to its durable materials and solid structure.


How Many Meters is the World's Largest Chair?

The world's largest chair can often be up to 30 meters tall. However, they are specifically made for a very different purpose than standard chairs.


Who produced chairs first?

Although the exact date of the first production of the chair is not known, it has historically appeared in different cultures in the form of stone or wooden structures used as thrones, seats or supports.


What is the Purpose of the Chair?

Chairs are pieces of furniture intended for sitting, resting and relaxing. It allows people to have a more comfortable sitting experience.


What do you call people who make chairs?

Chair manufacturers are called "furniture makers" or "chair makers". Avrupa Concept are professional groups specialized in furniture and chair production.


What is a bar stool called?

Bar stool, also called "bar stool" or "high stool". They are generally chairs of a height suitable for bar counters or high tables.