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21 Oct What are the Chair Types? - European Concept
Concept Avrupa 0 157
Table ChairsWith desk chairs, dining tables or office desks They are types of comfortable chairs designed to be used. In different styles, Available in sizes and materials. Bar ChairsBar chairs, bar counters or high table tops It is ideal for. They a..
21 Oct Brief Information About the Chair - Avrupa Concept
Concept Avrupa 0 154
What is the name of the Bar Chair? The name of our bar chair is known as "European Concept Chair" bar chair. How many cm should the island kitchen chair be?Our island kitchen chairs are generally of a standard height, approximately 90-95 cm high. How..
21 Oct What is a chair? Where to use? - European Concept
Concept Avrupa 0 225
How Did the Chair Appear? The chairs emerged as a result of our creativity and customer demands. As Avrupa Concept, we specialize in the production of furniture, tables and chairs. Our design team created unique chair models, taking into account fact..
04 Oct Which Chair Models Should be Used in Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafes?
Concept Avrupa 0 139
At European Chair, we understand the importance of furniture choice, especially when it comes to seating options in hotels, restaurants, and cafes. Which Chair Models Should be Used in Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafes? There are several factors to cons..
04 Oct How to Choose Furniture Design and Comfort?
Concept Avrupa 0 138
The perfect living space is a blend of aesthetics and functionality. The furniture we select not only defines our style but also impacts our comfort. So, how does one strike a balance between design and solace? Let's dive in.Understand Your SpaceBefo..
26 Sep What Fabric Types Should Be Used in Cafe and Restaurant Chairs?
Concept Avrupa 0 128
Caglayan Mah. Kagithane cad. Limon Sok. No:4/2, Kagithane, Istanbul, Turkiye we've been furnishing cafes and restaurants for years. One of the frequent inquiries we get is about the best fabric types suitable for cafe and restaurant chairs. Here's wh..
26 Sep What are the Innovations in the 2023 Furniture Industry?
Concept Avrupa 0 165
Caglayan Mah. Kagithane cad. Limon Sok. No:4/2, Kagithane, Istanbul, Turkiye we've been closely observing the rapid changes and advancements in the furniture industry. The year 2023 has brought about several groundbreaking innovations that have not o..
29 Jul The Most Stylish and Comfortable Chairs - Avrupa Concept
Concept Avrupa 0 330
At Avrupa Concept, we offer the most stylish and comfortable chair models that meet the needs of your home and workplace.Why Avrupa Concept Chairs? Aesthetic Designs: You can choose from various aesthetic designs that will match the decoration of you..
30 Mar Top Quality and Cheap Chair Models in Istanbul Çağlayan!
Concept Avrupa 0 541
Located in Istanbul's Çağlayan District, Avrupa Concept offers the highest quality and most affordable chair models. In our store, there are many products such as table types, chair models, table legs models and berjer models.Stylish Chairs at Avrupa..
29 Mar Çağlayan Table Legs are the Address of the Most Suitable Elegance and Quality
Concept Avrupa 0 650
Choosing the right furniture is of great importance to beautify your interiors and make them functional. Çağlayan Table Legs come to the fore with the superior quality and aesthetics of Avrupa Concept and their stylish designs that adapt to any space..
01 Feb Catch Elegance with New Model Chairs
Concept Avrupa 0 577
Catch Elegance with New Model ChairsDon't you want to create wonders in your living space thanks to the new model chairs? It is very valuable to have stylish, useful and long-lasting alternatives. Then, we have to say that you can experience the exci..
01 Feb Metal Fabricators and Metal Design Quality
Concept Avrupa 0 566
Do you want to capture the metal manufacturers and metal design quality in the best way? Then you should start to benefit from metal products special for you by catching the privileges of Avrupa Concept. You should start to evaluate what the privileg..
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