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about us

As Avrupa Concept, we operate in the furniture and decoration sector in order to provide the best service to our customers. Thanks to our products in our store and our metal fabrication and furniture upholstery manufacturing in our production facilities, we offer solutions suitable for all sizes and customized designs.

Our services

In our services, we offer special furniture and chair production, table legs and decoration products to our customers. With the importance we give to customer satisfaction, we offer all kinds of quality services and products.

  • Desk,
  • table legs,
  • Decoration,
  • Special Orders,
  • Chair Models

All kinds of quality and special services are provided to the customer.

Our Furniture and Decoration Products

Furniture and decoration products in our store are selected for different styles and needs. Our desks, table legs, decorative products and chair models are made of quality materials and provide long-lasting use.


Our desks are designed specifically for workplaces and home offices. While making your work easier with its functional and stylish designs, it also makes an aesthetic contribution to your decoration.

Table Legs

Our table legs are designed to suit different styles and sizes. Thanks to our metal fabrication, our table legs, which have a solid and durable structure, give your furniture a stylish look.


As Avrupa Concept, we also provide decoration services in addition to your furniture. Together with our expert decoration team, we can create special designs for your living spaces. In decoration, we offer original and aesthetic solutions based on customer satisfaction.

Chair Models

We have a wide range of products for chairs as well as furniture. We can design and manufacture all kinds of chair models. Our single, double or triple seat models are also offered to our customers. Our chair models, which offer comfort and aesthetics together, are designed for different areas of use.

Special Orders

As Avrupa Concept, we are ready to meet any special order. We produce furniture that is specially designed according to the demands of our customers in accordance with the highest quality standards. Thanks to our productions carried out in our own production facilities, we can produce furniture in the size and design they want for our customers.

Quality Production

As Avrupa Concept, we work together to produce quality products in the furniture and decoration industry. The materials used in each of our products meet our quality standards and provide long-lasting use.

Our Customer Satisfaction-Oriented Service Approach

Customer satisfaction comes first for us. For this reason, we strive to meet and even exceed their expectations by providing tailored services to our customers. We offer different solutions by offering customized designs according to the needs of our customers. Avrupa Concept is a special furniture manufacturer and seller that prioritizes customer satisfaction. Our store, which works meticulously on quality and service, also carries out your special orders perfectly. In our store, we offer a wide selection of furniture products such as desks, table legs, chair models, as well as decoration.

Customer happiness

As Avrupa Concept, customer satisfaction is always our priority. By understanding the expectations of our customers, we design and produce products according to their wishes. We aim to establish long-term cooperation with our customers and we continue our work in this direction.

As a result, we, as Avrupa Concept, have a strong place in the furniture industry. Thanks to our productions at our own production sites, we can design and produce special products for our customers. Thanks to our working principle based on customer satisfaction, we are strengthening our presence in the sector day by day.

As Avrupa Concept, we are a company that institutionalized in 2021 in the manufacture of chairs and furniture. We are on the way to become a world brand originating in Turkey by producing original, standard and high quality wooden furniture. We want to make our company, which has made a difference with its quality and originality for years, a worldwide sought-after brand.

Avrupa Concept aims to offer products and services that comply with quality standards. It also undertakes to keep customer, employee and supplier satisfaction at the highest level. Making a difference for our customers and meeting their expectations with quality are our main principles.

We have sufficient equipment to find and process suitable raw materials for wooden chairs and wooden products. We use the advantages of production technologies with precision for customer satisfaction. In all products produced with 3D Wood Molding; We prioritize the expectations of our customers. The right raw material, ergonomic and economical design, comfort and durability are our features that increase customer satisfaction. Our product test results confirm this.

We were inspired by your needs and visual pleasure while designing wooden products in Kağıthane Çağlayan. Avrupa Concept is the only address for a modern design, aesthetic wooden furniture and chairs.

Avrupa Concept offers you a quality and safe shopping opportunity.

This article is an online furniture sales and information site and all rights belong to Avrupa Concept located at Kağıthane / Çağlayan.


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