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Return Agreement / Requests


Article 1: Our products are for you When you place an order, it starts to be prepared the same day or the next day. This If you give up the product for the reason, 3 from the date you place your order We kindly ask you to let us know within the working day.

Article 2: Special We cannot cancel products that have been changed in size/fabric/color.

(Article: 3 working days specified in 1 have exceeded is)

Article 3: The production of your order is completed and your order If it is given to the cargo or the Logistics (Shipping) company, it cannot be canceled.

Article 4: Onward delivery If you have placed a dated order, free withdrawal from your products/products Your right is again 3 working days from the date you place the order.

Article 5: Special The production time of standard products that do not change size/fabric/color Your free cancellation up to 3 days before the end exists.

Article 6: Your reimbursement, Within 14 working days after your cancellation request is received, if it complies with the cancellation conditions. will be done. We have been informed of your decision to withdraw from this contract It is no later than 3 working days after the day. If, on the contrary, we have not clearly decided, then the first You can redeem these refunds using the same payment method you used to pay We will.

Article 7: Above-mentioned Cancellation conditions apply to purchases made on our website. Sales related to cancellations of purchases made in our stores We kindly ask you to talk to your advisor.


Item 1Special order: Customized fabric covering, foot color change, size change, corner direction If there are situations such as exchange, etc., the product cannot be returned.

Article 2: With original package Products that are not returned are not refunded. Original package otherwise, damage while transporting the product by Cargo or Logistics (Transportation) We ask that you be packed in such a way that you cannot see it.

Article 3: From the production of the product If there is a problem, we need to find out if there is a production defect Request from you the visual and spelling details that will be required for the transmission When it is done, the product will be repaired again and delivered to you in perfect condition.

Article 4: Shipping cost The shipping fee is not refunded for the arbitrary return of the products purchased.

Article 5: End-of-series products Refunds cannot be obtained. For this reason, we are detailed about our end-of-series products We kindly ask you to check the information carefully on the product detail page.

Article 6: Product dimensions We state on our site, our return conditions for returning to your home because it does not fit the size It is out of the way. For products that do not have product dimensions, to get detailed information Do not hesitate to call our contact center. Please note that before you buy the product, According to the dimensions of the product, can it be transported in your apartment, will it fit in your room, through the door We kindly ask you to make important checks such as whether it passes before ordering.

Article 7: By cargo In the products sent, the product package must be checked for damage during product delivery. We ask you to do it. Any damage to the product packaging or product If found, keep a "Damage Assessment Report" to the cargo officer and do not take delivery of the product. Or when the product comes to you, you can get rid of the product without opening it if you give up (However, except in the cases mentioned above, this possible. In other words, if the color change of the product is not made in special size, etc.), the product is delivered You can not pick it up and return it to the cargo. In both of these cases,  We ask you to contact us at +90 (535) 310 13 49 is necessarily

Article 8: Refund product Europe Concept After coming to Manufacturing; Except as you have previously specified If it is undamaged and in accordance with the return conditions, it will be returned within 14 working days will be done.

Not: Mentioned above Return Terms It is valid for purchases made through our website. From our stores We kindly ask you to discuss the returns of the purchases made.


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