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Dining Tables

Modern Dining Tables that you can use comfortably in dining halls and kitchens, hundreds of types of Dining Tables at an affordable price are at Avrupa Concept!

Cafe Wooden Table
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Brand: Avrupa Concept Product Code: 028
Features Cafe Wooden Table is made of beech beech wood. Produced with high quality materials and craftsmanship, our table offers durability and elegance together. In addition, it can be produced in different colors upon request. It is designed in accordance with the wishes of the customers, adding a..
5,813.81 ₺
Kdv Hariç:5,285.28 ₺
Cafe Wooden Table - 2
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Brand: Avrupa Concept Product Code: 029
Wooden tables and chairs, which are frequently used in cafes, provide a rustic and natural look. While the texture and natural tones of the wooden material add a warm and friendly atmosphere to the spaces, the ergonomic structure of the chairs provides a comfortable seating experience. Durable and e..
6,229.08 ₺
Kdv Hariç:5,662.80 ₺
Compact Cafe Table with Frame Compact Cafe Table with Frame
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Brand: Avrupa Concept Product Code: 049
Compact Cafe Table with European Concept Frame Framed Compact Cafe Table , which is a special design of Avrupa Concept, combines elegance and durability for cafes and restaurants. This compact table is made of durable compact material and has a specially designed 45 diameter strong and stainless lam..
8,698.06 ₺
Kdv Hariç:7,248.38 ₺
Striped Desk - 103
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Brand: Avrupa Sandalye Product Code: cms103
Striped Desk - UsesEuropean Chair's pride and joy,"Striped Work Table" now brings aesthetics and elegance to interiors, kitchens and dining rooms. adds function. Here are the different uses of this elegant table:An Aesthetic Stance in InteriorsStriped Desk, warmth and elegance in interiors brings..
19,166.40 ₺
Kdv Hariç:17,424.00 ₺
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