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Classic Wooden Bergere

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Classic Wooden Bergere
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Fabric Properties
Fabric Type linen
Fabric Type Easy to Erase
Product features
Foot Color Dark Walnut
Sponge Feature Not Crash Sponge
Sponge Used 28 Dns Sponge
Product Colors Dark Walnut
Product Type Wooden Bergere
Technicial Specifications
Featured Feature Classical
Foot Material Beech or Hornbeam
Sitting Softness 8 cm Sponge
Skeleton Material Beech
Product Category Wooden Bergere Model
Usage areas Indoor
Classic Wooden Bergere
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  • Producer: European Manufacturing
  • Location: Kağıthane / Çağlayan
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The warmth and natural texture of wooden furniture makes it stand out in your decoration. Classic Wooden Bergere is made of hornbeam and walnut wood in special sizes and colors as Avrupa Concept. Classic Wooden Bergere, one of our most special and stylish designs among wooden armchair models, adds warmth and comfort to your living spaces.

Usage Areas of Classic Wooden Bergere

  1. Living Rooms: Classic Wooden Bergere adds a unique elegance and grace to living rooms. Used with sofa sets or alone, the berjer offers both a comfortable and stylish seating experience.
  2. Bedrooms: Classic Wooden Bergere used in bedrooms, reading corners and next to console tables creates a romantic and warm atmosphere. Wooden berjer will be both decorative and useful furniture in bedrooms.
  3. Offices: Classic Wooden Bergere creates an elegant detail in offices. Wooden armchairs used in executive rooms or customer reception areas add a natural atmosphere to business life.
  4. Interior: Designed to liven up your home and make it more comfortable. It is made in double and single form as a completely personalized production.

Features of Classic Wooden Bergere

  • Natural Materials: Classic Wooden Bergere is produced from hornbeam and beech wood. The natural texture and colors of the wood make each armchair unique.
  • Comfortable Seating: The ergonomic structure of the Classic Wooden Bergere provides maximum comfort to the user. High back support and large seating area increase the comfort of the chair.
  • Stylish Design: Classic Wooden Bergere attracts attention with its simple and classical design. Color options in walnut and beech wood tones match any decoration.

Cleaning Feature

Our fabrics are wipeable and stain-proof.

Exchange Information

If the fabric is defective, it is replaced free of charge by us.

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As a result, Classic Wooden Bergere is a special piece of furniture that combines natural materials with comfort and elegance. The wooden armchair produced with Avrupa Concept quality adds warmth and elegance to your living spaces. Color options in beech wood and walnut wood tones match any decoration. Classic Wooden Bergere can be used in different usage areas such as living rooms, bedrooms and offices.

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