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Sunny Chair Wooden Chair Model

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Sunny Chair Wooden Chair Model
Sunny Chair Wooden Chair Model
Sunny Chair Wooden Chair Model
Sunny Chair Wooden Chair Model
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Sunny Chair Wooden Chair Model
Sunny Chair Wooden Chair Model
Sunny Chair Wooden Chair Model
Sunny Chair Wooden Chair Model
Fabric Properties
Fabric Type Leather fabric
Fabric Type Erasable
Product features
Back Height 78cm
Foot Color Walnut Polished
Seating Depth 48cm
Sponge Feature 3 Sponge
Product Colors Can be made in desired color
Technicial Specifications
Optional Features Finish color, Leather or Fabric
Seating Height 45 - 50cm
Skeleton Material Walnut
Team Content None
Usage areas Interior, Hotel, Home, Clinic, Cafe, Restaurant, etc.
Sunny Chair Wooden Chair Model
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  • Product Code: 021
  • Weight: 6.00kg
  • Dimensions 1: 48.00cm x 61.00cm x 78.00cm
  • Producer: European Manufacturing
  • Location: Kağıthane / Çağlayan
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Sunny Chair Wooden Chair: Elegant Design, Durable Strength

" Sunny Chair ", signed by Avrupa Sandalye, stands out with its elegant design and solid structure. This wooden chair model , which appeals to a wide range of uses from interiors to cafes, from restaurants to kitchens, combines aesthetics and durability.


  • Frame: 1st class beech wood
  • Color Options : Glossy walnut lacquer, optional oak or walnut
  • Upholstery: Customizable fabric and color options


  1. Grade Beech Wood Frame : Offers long-lasting use with its strength and durability. Optional oak or walnut wood selection is possible in European Concept manufacturing.
  2. Glossy Walnut Polish : Preserves the natural wood appearance. Can be customized to desired finish.
  3. Customizable Upholstery : Can be personalized with different fabric and color options. Specially designed for comfortable sitting.

Usage areas:

  • interiors
  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • Kitchen

Practical Cleaning:

Thanks to its durable materials, it can be easily cleaned and offers long-lasting use. It is practical and hygienic thanks to its easy cleaning feature.

Style and Comfort Meet with the Sunny Chair Wooden Chair Model !

SUNNY CHAIR , a special product of Avrupa Concept that stands out with its elegant design and functionality, adds a sophisticated atmosphere to your interiors, cafes and restaurants. For those looking for a wooden chair, SUNNY CHAIR is a customizable and durable option that stands out with its elegance. It is an ideal choice to add value to your spaces with its aesthetic design, usefulness and quality.

If you are looking for elegance and comfort at the same time, SUNNY CHAIR is just for you!

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Fabric Types

We can count the types of fabric materials we use in chair models as follows:

  • Genuine leather
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  • Outdoor Fabric
  • Suede
  • Baby Face Velvet Fabric
  • Linen fabric
  • Patent Leather Series

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