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Bracelet Table Leg Model

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Bracelet Table Leg Model
Bracelet Table Leg Model
Bracelet Table Leg Model
Bracelet Table Leg Model
Bracelet Table Leg Model
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Bracelet Table Leg Model
Bracelet Table Leg Model
Bracelet Table Leg Model
Bracelet Table Leg Model
Bracelet Table Leg Model
Product features
Foot Color Desired Color Type
Product Type Metal Table Legs
Product sizes Can be made in Custom Measurement.
Technicial Specifications
Foot Material Stainless Metal
Team Content Stainless Screw
Product Category Table Legs
Bracelet Table Leg Model
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3,484.80 ₺
Kdv Hariç: 2,904.00 ₺
  • Get Offer: Special
  • Product Code: 123
  • Weight: 12.00kg
  • Dimensions 1: 35.00cm x 60.00cm x 70.00cm
  • Producer: European Manufacturing
  • Location: Çağlayan
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Functionality and Aesthetics Together

As Avrupa concept, we are proud that our Bracelet Table Leg Model product offers the perfect combination that meets the needs of every table top. Designed in accordance with the dynamics of modern life, this product offers both an eye-catching design and durability.

Durable and Flexible Metal Feet

Oven Painted Torch Table Leg is manufactured using high strength steel metal. Therefore, it remains durable for many years and is compatible with all types of table tops. Its flexible structure fits perfectly with tables of different sizes. Ideal for use in both homes and commercial areas.

Modern Style Feet

The modern design of our product is designed to be compatible with any interior decoration. Its elegant lines and stylish surface add a sophisticated atmosphere to your space. Whether you want a minimalist or contemporary style, these legs provide the aesthetic touch you need.

Heavy Cargo Transportation

The Bracelet Table Leg Model, every detail of which has been carefully considered, is capable of carrying heavy loads safely. Its strong steel structure offers both strength and durability. It can be used on large dining tables, countertops or commercial spaces.

Easy setup

The easy installation of our product provides a user-friendly experience. You are guided step by step with detailed instructions to ensure a quick and hassle-free installation. It provides the opportunity to make the product ready for use while saving time and energy.

Wide Purpose Use

The Bracelet Table Leg Model offers a wide range of usage. It can be used in all kinds of places, from home dining tables to cafe counters. It has a flexible structure to be compatible with different designs and sizes.

Avrupa Concept's Quadruple Lama Leg Models combine functionality and aesthetics, making them an ideal option for all types of table tops. Add originality to your space by choosing the color that suits your needs.

Usage areas:

  1. Table Bases, Coffee Tables,
  2. Side Tables,
  3. Console Tables,
  4. TV Cabinets,
  5. Latest Tables,
  6. Table,
  7. Countertop Etc. Ideal for.

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